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Who we are

This website – Freight Pages – is owned by Africa Logistics Network Srl. ALN, the company, is running two Worldwide Freight Forwarders networks focused on Africa: Africa Logistics Network and Airfreight Logistics Network for Africa. Both networks are “closed communities” made to share the best partners between the members.

Why Freight Pages?

Not only a data base

Not forever for free

Many data base for every commodity, every service and also every field of Logistics. But many of those data base are full of fake contacts, criminals, scammers and so-called professionals.. W want a high quality data base. We promise that every time we receive a report about one of the companies listed in Freight Pages… we will check and an action will be taken. And we will delete all datas if the bad report is correct and verified.
This is also the reason one partner of Freight Page is Freight Recovery & Arbitration Chamber.

Not forever for free. It means that any company can register for free until the end of 2023. We will see if this setting can be mantained or not. In any case the cost for registration (if necessary) will be just a small fee to keep Freight Pages well updated, clean and useful for any Freight Forwarder looking for a reliable partner in any Country of the World.

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